“Endgame: Syria” New Way Of Informing!

By Jakub On 17 Dec, 2012 At 04:09 PM | Categorized As Android Game News
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The new project GameTheNews, created by Auroch Digital is based on the idea to use¬†games as a medium to inform about current events like the war in Syria. Featuring rapid-game development methods the strategy gam “Endgame: Syria” responds to current real-world events and gives the player the possibility to impact on the conflict by choosing the options of the rebels. The blend of real-life events with¬† the players in-game choices provides a new kind of infotaining gameplay and concludes in an individual outcome of the conflict due to your decisions.

“Endgame: Syria” focuses more on informing about the problem than giving an intense gamefeeling, which makes it more a simulation or an interactive experience. This new way of using the game medium for explaining current world problems provides a new look on the possibilities of games and is promising to become a new accepted genre.

Source: Auroch Digital Newsletter