G-Star News: Inotia 4 is coming

By Julian On 10 Nov, 2011 At 02:59 AM | Categorized As Android Game News
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(Update: 27.04.2012: INOTIA 4 RELEASE)

Hey guys, G-Star has just started and I have some really big news! Remember, we were the first that could announce the release of Zenonia 4? Well, today I have played Inotia 4, the about to be released sequel of com2us’s great RPG series.

I played it for a few minutes and guys, its liquid gold. The graphics are just as good as Zenonia 4, the gameplay looked great. Controls did not really change much since part 3 though. Hopefully I will be able to create some video footage and pictures of the game today. Maybe I am even able to find a translater who could tell me something about the story of Inotia 4. Let us see how it goes.