PlayPad – Gamepad by NVIDIA and Nyko

By Hannes On 7 Aug, 2012 At 05:27 PM | Categorized As Android Hardware
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Nyko and NVIDIA have announced, that they will cooperate to create a new video game controller for android devices. The normal version will go by the name “PlayPad” and the larger version will be called “PlayPad Pro”. Both will hit stores in fall 2012.

The gamepads will be available in many different colors, feature dual analog sticks, a d-pad, four face buttons plus dual shoulder buttons on both sides. Additionally there will be a stand for tablets shipped with every pad.  You can easily connect the pads with your device via Bluetooth and sync it using the free app “Playground”, which also allows you to customize the control schemes.

Of course the pads will work best for Tegra optimized games like “Dead Trigger or “Max Payne“, but other titels are said to support it, too. If your device is runnig on Android 3.0 or higher, you will be able to use the “PlayPad”.

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