Boulder Dash XL – expected September 2012


“Boulder Dash XL” by HeroCraft will be the mobile version of the Xbox and PC game that is widely regarded as being great. With it having sold millions I’m guessing something good is waiting for us!

There will be a total of five game modes to be tried in over 150 caves. Your little robot will also travel to 4 different worlds, so not all caves will look the same. This game has been around since the early eighties and with it still being around, I’m guessing that this will be a pretty good way to train your dexterity!

The screenshots we got do have a retro feel to them. But they’re all a bit dark so I’m hoping that there will be levels that are a bit cheerier to lighten the mood. Other than that, I am looking forward to trying out the game!

Source: HeroCraft Press Kit


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