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I hope you’re not sick of listening to the opportunities of the Freemium Model, because we already written down some other Casual Connect Lectures touching this topic. :)

Anyway, in the following lecture, Com2uS (Inotia 4) will tell us somehing about the move from premium to freemium.

Com2uS has been founded in 1998, keeps 450 Employes busy and is based in Seoul, Korea. They started building mobile games in 1999 and shifted to the freemium model to become the global #1 mobile game company. If you think big, you’ve got to think freemium. That’s what Gameloft just told us. :)

There’s a shift in the games from Arcade to Social Network Games. To monetize this kind of games, it’s important to strengthen In App Payment and In Game Ads. To create successful games in the Social Network Game Market you’ve got to think of the right monetizing model and to take care for the according KPIs like user retention.

Tiny Farm was the first social network game from Com2uS with some interesting stats (Launch Date: November 2011, 840.000 Daily Active Users, 50.000 new users a day, 26% from Korea, 52% from US/Japan/China) that shows how successful they are.

Well, the rest of the lecture was a great self-laudation. This seems to be necessary strategy of Com2uS in order to comfort theirselves regarding their ambitious goal becoming the #1 in the world. Well, good luck with that. :)


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