Casual Gaming Star of the Week: Elemental


Yes, all those casual gamers out there live in golden times. Since the beginning of the Bejeweled Era, an uncountable amount of Bejeweled clones and Bejeweled-a-like games rushed the (mobile) market.

Today, one of these games named “Elemental” is part of the “Staff Picks” on Google Play. Elemental is a casual game, where you’ve got to solve puzzles with creating elements by mixing earth, air, fire and water.

Complete puzzles as fast as you can and win the high score. You can use tips that teach you how to mix the elements. Each tip contains a famous quote that you can tweet and share with your friends. If you’re still stuck, you can also place a spell that magically puts a piece on the board right where it belongs.

If you just can’t get enough of this kind of games or if you love the mustache of the main character like I do, you can Download Elemental here.


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