Developer Interview: 10 Questions for Brett Bailey


Brett Bailey is one of the rising Android stars out there. His first game, Bugsy, is a simple and addictive Android Game. Everybody loves Bugsy, so does thes developer, so do I and so do the users out there, who gave Bugsy the average rating from 5 out of 5 points in the Android Market. However, if the game can also survive the slaughterous Android Game Reviews at is an interesting question, that we will answer the next week.

Until then, you’ve got enough stuff to read to fill the gap to our review. First suggestion: Read Brett’s blog. Second suggestion: Read this interview and find out some interesting details about the work of Brett Bailey.


10 Questions for Brett Bailey

1. Please introduce yourself.

Hi I’m Brett Bailey, I’m full time computer geek and part time game developer. I’m also a shameless plugger of my first game, Bugsy, which is available in the Android Market right now.

2. What made you want to be a game developer?

It‘s all about those shiny little black boxes that everyone carries. Google and Apple have completely shaken up consumer software with their application markets. This has given me an channel to millions of phone users, who wouldn’t normally be able to see my work. I’ve always been a gamer and phone users love games so it’s a perfect fit.


3. What platforms do you develop games for and why?

Bugsy is Android only right now, If it continues to be well received by the users I will be looking at porting to iPhone. The reason I chose Android initially was sheer convinence: I already had the phone, computer and Java skills.

4. What are your experiences in porting games between two platforms?

I’ve not ported a game. Did I mention how great Bugsy is yet?

5. How do you get inspiration for a game?

I wanted to keep it simple and accessible for everyone. I liked the simplicity of the early bubble wrap apps that where massively successfull with users so I took this and added more fun, more colour, more sound and more mischief and the result is Bugsy.

6. How long does it take for you to write a game from start to finish?

I don’t think a game is ever really finished. So long as our users keep feeding us ideas and suggestions we will keep adding to the games.

7. What are the biggest technical challenges when you develop a game?

The biggest challenge for me was that the android development tools don’t quite gel together yet. I think the biggest lesson I’ve learned is not to accept new versions quite so eagerly! 

8. What do you think the future of gaming will look like?

I think there will be a move towards HTML 5 which will make mobile game development more platform independent. To make it work you would need to be able to access device features from a html app and you would need a good application market. Google is making good progress here with it’s Chrome Store.

9. What is your favourite game at the moment and why?

On Android I love Cut the Rope. Is simple, fun and a proves there is still a market for a good idea! Off of Android I love Guitar Hero / Rock Band and the Dead Space games.

10. What is your advice for new developers?

KISS: Keep it Simple Stupid! Release early, Release often and listen to your users.


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