Developer Interview: 10 Questions for Robert Richardson


Robert Richardson is the man behind “aT Games”, the company, that “creates quality games for the Android platform” and “new worlds since April 6th, 2011”. So today, we’re again talking to a new entrant in the Android business.

His actual game, “Hidden Treasures 2”, is a “beautiful classic hidden object game experience” and will be reviewed by Playandroid in one of our famous Android Game Reviews sometime in the next week.

First things first: Today, we proudly present you our next Developer Interview – with Robert Richardson from “aT Games”.


10 Questions for Robert Richardson

1. Please introduce yourself.

Hello, my name is Robert Richardson. I am 21 and have created 3 Android games (Hidden Treasures 1 &2, and Navy Seal) and 4 PC games to date. I am rather new game developer, having only started working in the industry a few years ago. I like games that have a good story, such as Knights of the Old Republic.

2. What made you want to be a game developer?

I can’t really name any one thing. I’ve always loved building things like treehouses, and making up games for me and my friends to play when we were little. Programming is like building, only with code instead of boards. Making games is just a lot of fun for me, even more fun than playing games.

3. What platforms do you develop games for and why?

I develop for PC and Android. Android is my main target. Android is easy to get into and get heard of with. I have been making PC games for several years, but never really got any attention and thus couldn’t gain any traction. Once I started developing for Android, I’ve been able to pick up quite a few more fans. Theres less competion in Android developement.

If you want the most capable platform, PC can’t be beat. Powerful hardware and unlimited possibilities in terms of types of games. MMO’s to FPS’s and everything in-between.

4. What are your experiences in porting games between two platforms?

Its hard to do correctly. Most of the time when I target PC, I am not thinking of there being a touchscreen involved when designing the game. In the end, it just makes the touchscreen UI seem tacked on if its not specifically designed for from the beginning. Same goes with porting a game from Android to PC. I’m not really thinking much about a mouse and keyboard when building a game for Android.

5. How do you get inspiration for a game?

Mainly from the people around me, and what I like to play. My biggest selling games at the moment were inspired by my fiancee. She loves to play hidden object games, and helped me create a style of gameplay that is easy to get into in a casual setting.

6. How long does it take for you to write a game from start to finish?

Depends on the game. A casual 2D game for Android? I can do that in about a month once I have the idea nailed down. A in-depth RPG/FPS for Android like the one I am working on now is taking about 6 months.

7. What are the biggest technical challenges when you develop a game?

Technical support after the game launches. We have a small team, checking into over 600 Android devices to make sure the game will work on all of them is extremely hard to do.

8. What do you think the future of gaming will look like?

I see a whole new breed of RTS games evolving on touchscreen based platforms like tablets. The match of RTS and touch ability couldn’t be more perfect. On the PC side I see things becoming more “console like” as hardware standards evolve. Not that you won’t be able to control every last detail of your PC like you can now, but that hardware components will continually grow more capable of playing nice together in any configuration.

9. What is your favourite game at the moment and why?

Mass Effect 2. I love a good story, science fiction, and FPS style mechanics. Mass Effect 2 is a amazing blend of all three with a big helping of great looking graphics on top.

10. What is your advice for new developers?

Communicate with your customers as quickly and professionally as you can. A good image goes a long way towards jump starting your career.


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