Developer Interview: 10 Questions for Trilena Games


Ladies and Gentlemen: Please do us the honor to welcome the first Android girls here at As loyal readers of our blog, you have certainly read everything on our page, including all our 16 developer interviews, and wondered, whether there are female developers out there.

We can ensure you: Yes, there are. And we’ve spared neither expense nor effort to prove it. We’ve travelled across the whole world and finally found some wonderful Android game developerinas in Estonia, Europe. So please stand up for the global Android hymn and welcome Triin and Helena, yes, Trilena, and read this interesting interview!


10 Questions for Trilena Games

1. Please introduce yourself.

We are Triin and Helena from Estonia and we’re both working as test engineers (not the same company). We recently founded Trilena Games and released our first app Brained Lite.

2. What made you want to be a game developer?

Games and technology are things that we both love, we’re also both studying informatics, so it seemed like a logical choice. Helena is great at graphics and I enjoy the more technical stuff, like programming, so we make a great team.

3. What platforms do you develop games for and why?

We develop for Android and the reasons are not very original:1. We own an Android device 2. Java is my preferred programming language 3. Android is great and it’s the future.

4. What are your experiences in porting games between two platforms?

No experience in that area so far, but someday we’ll probably port some apps to iOS platform.

5. How do you get inspiration for a game?

We did some brainstorming together and we dream about it all the time, so when it’s in the back of your mind all day, some great ideas just have to come up 🙂

6. How long does it take for you to write a game from start to finish?

Since Brained is our first game, it took us a little longer, more than 4 months from first line of code to publishing on Android Market and the updating is still going on.

7. What are the biggest technical challenges when you develop a game?

Making the game look nice on all type of screen sizes and testing it. Also it’s a challenge to decide which framework to use, Brained was created with the help of AndEngine, but I will try out something else for the next one, most probably LibGdx.

8. What do you think the future of gaming will look like?

It’s already now, but even more so in the future – everyone will play, not just kids or a small group of people. Even your mom will replace playing Solitaire on her work PC with awesome games on her smartphone/tablet.

9. What is your favourite game at the moment and why?

Triin: I don’t have a favourite in mobile games at the moment, but Kinect (Kinect Sports, Adventures) games are great party games that we often enjoy when we have friends coming over.
Helena: My favourite is Mafia II on Xbox360, but I also play all kinds of puzzle games (like Brained 🙂 ).

10. What is your advice for new developers?

You don’t need to own different kind of phones to test your game, just go to a shop and secretly install your app on all the devices sold there 🙂


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