Fieldrunners 2 for Android?


As Subatomic Studios will release “Fieldrunners 2” on iOS tomorrow, it seems to be very likely, that they will soon release a Android version, too. At least its predecessor “Fieldrunners HD” had a big success on Android.
“Fieldrunners HD”  is an award winnig tower defense game, in which you battle againts over 400 waves of bad guys on four unique battlefields.

Here are some details about “Fieldrunners 2”

  • 25 unique, hand drawn levels with 4 distinct zones on Fieldrunners Island
  • More than 20 weapons to choose from at the start of each level
  • Fieldrunners that navigate the battlefield with unparalleled realistic swarming behavior
  • Enemies reach you over bridges, through tunnels and trenches
  • New “Hybrid Maps”: The combination of designing  mazes and fixed path layouts
  • Fresh Sudden Death maps with endless waves of enemies
  • Bonus levels, called Puzzle Maps, where you have to show your understanding of the enemies tactics
  • More than 30 different types of enemies
  • New powerful items for precision based attacks

Now dig some trenches to be prepared for the android version.


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