Future Mayhem – A New 2D Arcade Game


Dancing Cat Development have just released their new arcade side scrolling shooter “Future Mayhem”. The story of the game occurs in the future and you play as a gang member. You have to run through the levels and beat the enemies. There are many different weapon categories and you will be equipped with guns, rifles or rocket launchers to kill your enemies. When you shoot them you will see a mix of explosion and animation effects and you hear a neat background music which fits really well to a future action game like this. The game has well-done 2D graphics and you will not miss some 3D effects because this graphics engine gives you everything that you need.

“Future Mayhem” is an easy pickup and play game and has multi-level campaigns. You can choose specifically between three difficulty levels and between four gangs. The gangs are the Punks, Ninjas, Cyborgs and Soldiers. Also, they divided the weapons in small, large and throw weapons. However, don’t worry, that sounds more complicated than it is. “Future Mayhem” is easy to handle and quite funny to play. If you want to try it you can download it here!

Source: Androidcommunity


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