The Future of Mobile Gaming and Money-Based Content


The future of Mobile Gaming

Technological advances always bring about profound change in any sector and the advent of smartphones and tablets has given rise to a massive number of people taking part in casual gaming. The industry continues to be one of the fastest growing sectors currently, following on from the explosive growth of recent years. And now with almost every smartphone user virtually having a decent spec gaming device in their pocket, it is interesting to find out what the future of mobile gaming holds.

What is certain is that as more people get access to mobile devices the number of gamers will continue to rise. In amongst this is a trend that has seen the popularity of less-mainstream gaming sectors such as online gambling also seeing a rise in player numbers. Likewise, even non-casino games are adopting the ‘freemium’ model in order to increase revenues and provide a source of income for developers.

The Future of Mobile Gaming
It’s clear that mobile is set to be the dominant platform for the foreseeable future, if only in terms of the sheet amount of people that own and use them.
The future of mobile games is surely going to be interesting if any of the wider industry’s recent trends are considered, such the increasing use of virtual reality and the potential of more Augmented Reality games like the flash phenomenon we saw with Pokemon Go. As technology improves, players will be able to experience ever more realistic and immersive experiences.

The Rise of Mobile Gambling and Freemium Games
One aspect of mobile gaming that has seen massive user engagement is that of mobile casino and gambling games, with mobile bingo websites seeing massive uptake in players. It could be a result of technology allowing us to indulge our nostalgia (bingo for example) or perhaps it is because consumers now have more disposable income. Either way, millions of players are willing to wager real cash as they enjoy their favourite games on their smartphones.

According to some tech experts, one reason behind the explosion in mobile gambling is the use of the freemium model and special promotions.

This model is not only confined to gambling games either, as developers in other genres now implement freemium models, or in-game purchases, thought the console and PC gaming industry.

Such games are available to play for free but include small purchases for power-ups, costumes, characters, and the like that players can pay for to progress faster. However, the biggest reason behind this is that mobile technology makes everything much easier and seamless, be it finding and sharing your favourite games, connecting your payment services, or making deposits and withdrawals.

In conclusion, it’s clear that the future of mobile gaming is set to be an exciting one and for both avid and casual gamers it will be interesting to see what the future holds. While many games are becoming money based, advances such as VR and AR also mean that even if we have to sometimes pay to play, the experiences will be well worth it.


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