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Angry Birds Rio

Price: free
Size: 12.53 MB

Downloads: >250,000
Latest Version: 1.0.0

Reviews: 6
Ratings: 36892


"Angry Birds Rio" is the next great episode of the Angry Birds series. You have to rescue your eggs from the bad piggies.

About "Angry Birds Rio"

The Angry Birds are kidnapped by the Bad Piggies and they were taken from them to the city of Rio de Janeiro. The birds were able to escape, but they couldn't take their eggs with and because of that the Players have to rescue the eggs.

My opinion

"Angry Birds Rio" is a great game and it continues the great series from Rovio. It has many levels, great animated graphics and a well-done sound. Players will have a lot of fun while playing it and they won't get bored from it because the developers upgrade it sometimes with new levels and objects.