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Billy's Hill

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Latest Version: 3.0

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"Billy's Hill" is a casual game and made by MortenSandholt. The danish concern developed other lovely games like "Front Runner" and "WeZap".

About "Billy's Hill"

You are Billy collecting as many fireflies as possible to bring them to a red tree. If you collected enough of them, the tree will bear fruits, which is a very good thing, because your village is endangered by a village or fruit eating monster.

My opinion

"Billy's Hill" is a cute and relaxing casual game. The graphics are in a comic style and the background music is very laid back due to a jazzy saxophon melody. The controls are easy, all you have to do is grab and pull Billy to the fireflies. Be aware of the purple birds though, they are steeling them from you. To sum up I would say that "Billy's Hill" is the right game for a restorative sparetime and you can download it for free!