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Bubble Worlds

By Hapoga

Price: free
Size: 9.21 MB

Downloads: >250,000
Latest Version: 1.4

Reviews: 3
Ratings: 530


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"Bubble Worlds" is a casual game developed by the game company Hapoga. It is their first game and it looks very colored and funny.

About "Bubble Worlds

Like in other bubble shoot games like "Bubble Shooter", "Bubble Drop" or "Bubble Buster" you have to shoot colored balls to other balls with the same color, to reduce the amount of balls hanging down the wall.

My opinion

"Bubble Worlds" is a real time killer and it has everything a good casual game has to have: nice graphics, a catchy piano tune, simple controls and a big scope. All this is included in the game, especially the scope is impressive, thanks to six different worlds, 150 levels, various types of drops and much more.
I don't have to explain more, just download this free game and enjoy some incredible cool hours in "Bubble Worlds"!