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Mobialia Chess

Price: US$2.84
Size: 1.35 MB

Downloads: 5,000-10,000
Latest Version: 3.5.3

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"Mobialia Chess" is a chess game made by the spanish developing company "Mobialia". They created other games like "Preguntas de Trivial" or "Connect-4".

About "Mobialia Chess"

This is a direct port of the famous board game chess. You can play chess alone againt the AI or online with friends. Also there are various selectable settings, for example the energy strenght, save games, themes or sounds.

My opinion

"Mobialia Chess" is a professional and vintage chess game. The look of the game is very classy and noble, just right for a sophisticated chess player. You can adjust you chess board on 2D or even 3D, which makes the game a more lively. Furthermore it offers the opportunity to highlight your last step for broader considerations. The online-mode is a nice addition and on rating boards you can see, who else is playing and if you are logged in. You are able to chat with your gaming partners. All in all "Mobialia Chess" is a game with pretension and a legitimate presentation!