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Draw Puzzle Free Demo

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Latest Version: 1.02

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Welcome to the free demo of "DrawPuzzle!" for Android.

The objective of "Draw Puzzle Free Demo" depends on the game mode you choose but all modes involves removing blocks of the same color by connecting them to score points! The more blocks you move, the more points you will earn. Simple, easy and addicting! The perfect puzzle experience for your Android device.

The Modes:

-Timed Mode: The fight against the clock! The classic one it never gets old. In the full version you will get additional play modes like "Low Gravity", "Elite" and "Big blocks".

-Arcade Mode: Beat different levels. Only five levels in the demo.

-Limited Blocks Mode: Take as much time as you want and score the best possible score with a limited amount of blocks.


- Free version with local highscore
- Paid version with online leaderboard
- and many more

Have fun with this great puzzle game for Android. Download it here on Playandroid.com, your source for the greatest Android Games!