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GT Racing: Motor Academy Free+

Price: free
Size: 1.06 MB

Downloads: >250,000
Latest Version: 1.4.0

Reviews: 8
Ratings: 151431

Experience the most detailed racing game out on Android - and fortunately it won’t cost you a thing to get into it!
Download the free GT Racing: Motor Academy and get started with the huge and fascinating Career mode. If you want to progress you have to pass driving tests and win races. Unlock more cars and races with in-game credits and experience points. Tons of fast paced fun are waiting for you right now!
And for those who want to unlock everything at the touch of their finger, you can purchase different gadgets and XP from inside the game.

• twenty-six brands and one-hundred-and-eleven well known cars to choose from. Drive and update yours whether it be a Nissan, and Audi, the best Ferrari or the Ford Model T.
• A new and very precise physics engine unique to every car for the best driving simulation experience on your device. You can learn how to drive and tune your car in just the right way to maximize your performance.
• A whole lot of tracks, from the real and well known to urban tracks, speed rings and rallies.
• A really big and interesting career mode: Get your drivers license by passing tests and enter events to win more and more prestigious races. Get to the top!
• Local and online multiplayer to play against drivers from all over the world. Get to the top of the leaderboards!