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Hill Climb Racing

Price: free
Size: 7.95 MB

Downloads: >250,000
Latest Version: 1.4.1

Reviews: 8
Ratings: 238222


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"Hill Climb Racing" is a racing game, developed by the Finnish game studio Fingersoft. It made other cool apps like "Cartoon Camera" or "Thermal Camera".

About "Hill Climb Racing"

Here you have to drive an adventurer with his different cars along the track and bring him save to the end. During this, you're supposed to collect coins as fuel tanks, so you can drive longer. The tracks are getting harder and more complex, so it isn't that easy to handle. Moreover you can spend the collected coins to improve your car, suich as the engine or the suspension.

My opinion

"Hill Climb Racing" has been downloaded up to 50 million times, this speaks for the game. It is highly addictive and makes a lot of fun. The graphics are cute, good looking and the controls couldn't be easier - just the brake and the gas button. The background music is throughout the game pretty jazzy, but while you're in the levels, there are some rock elements added.
All in all this game is for every racing and casual game fan and I loved playing it. Get it on your device for free now!