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Size: 3.87 MB

Downloads: 50,000-250,000
Latest Version: 2.2.6

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"Jewellust" is a puzzle/maze-game and is developed by the girls and boys of "Smartpix Games", who made a lot of other games like "Devilry Huntress" and "EGGGZ".

About "Jewellust":

In this game you have to switch the positions of the varicolored jewels, so they build a row of at least three, then they disappear and you get some points. If you manage to put four gems into a row, then you will unleash a vertical or horizontal blast, that will clean the hole line. The goal of this game is to collect all mosaic fragements before the time is over.

My opinion:

"Jewellust" is a beautiful brain game with fluent animations, bright colors and a cool egypt theme. The background music fits well in the atmosphere with typical oriental music. Your scores are listed in online leaderboards, so you are always cought in a fresh competition. Furthermore the story is a nice addition, because the farther you come in this game, the more you get to know about ancient pharaos. "Jewellust" carries a lot of fun in a form of jewels and it is definitely a must-have on your Android device.