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Jewels Star

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If you like match-three games, you will like this classic, yet new version.
You have to get the Jewels Star. Solve all the levels and try to collect as many stars as possible!

1: Find groups of three or more identical jewels.
2: Group the jewels until the board turns see-trough to make the Jewel Star appear.
3: Make the jewels star down to last line to pass the level.
Tips: The faster you eliminate the jewels the more points you get.

Game Features:
- Over 350 levels and eight different backgrounds in the game, including but not limited to a night sky, mountains, winter wonderland.
- If you match four jewels you can win a bomb and one lightning.
- If you match 5 jewels you can win color-changing jewels and two lightnings.
- Eliminating 20 jewels in a row can win you one lightning.
- With bombs you can destroy the jewels around them.
- Color-changing jewels can be matched with any color jewels.
- There are bonus time jewels in there as well.
- Lightning jewels eliminate the jewels in their row.
- To get to a chained jewel, you have to destroy the jewels around it.
- To release a frozen jewel, you have to destroy the jewels around it.

Have fun!