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Platinum Solitaire 3

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One of the most popular card game is now available for your android device. In this great card game adaptation you can earn a lot of cash or build your own big casino. You have different modes to choose from. Choose quickplay for a short round of Solitaire. If that´s not enough for you, just play one of the other 16 available modes in "Platinum Solitaire 3".
By playing you can unlock new locations and challenges. But never forget: No risk no fun!

-Enjoy classic the Solitaire mode. Beat the highscore or just relax
-17 amazing card games are ready to play... Including: FreeCell, Spider, ......
-Tutorials and in-game hints for an easy an fast way to your empire
-Play all over the world an see the hottest locations on the planet
-Along your way you can unlock a lot of amazing features like: new characters or magic tricks