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Raging Thunder 2 Lite

Price: free
Size: 18.49 MB

Downloads: >250,000
Latest Version: 1.0.9

Reviews: 20
Ratings: 21734


"Raging Thunder 2 Lite" is 3D action racing game with exciting special features and innovative power-ups.

About "Robo Defense"

The players have to beat their enemies on challenging tracks in "Raging Thunder 2 Lite". It has many different playmodes like a career mode, a survival mode or a single player mode. The enemies are not easy to beat and the graphics are well-done.

My opinion

"Raging Thunder 2 Lite" is a great action racing game the challenges the players and has well-done graphics. Also, there are many upgrade opportunitites and power-ups. Really innovative is pit lane that repairs your car really fast. The lite version is really huge, but the developers added many more features to the paid-version.