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"Royal Revolt" is a reverse tower defense game, developed by the German mobile games concern "flaregames". This company made other famous games like "Ocean Tower" and "BraveSmart".

About "Royal Revolt"

In this game you are the son of a kingdom and you got sent to a school for magical powers. After your return, you have to see that your father is already dead and your ugly aunts and uncles are the undeserved throne occupants. Your task now is to conquer every castle and get your kindgom back into your hands.

My opinion

"Royal Revolt" is a marvellous reverse tower defense game with a unique and cute graphic style. The controls are easy, thanks to the one-tap function and you have also the opportunity to upgrade your troops. In addition to that, the game has 30 castles and many weapons and magical potions to heal your soldiers. All in all "Royal Revolt" is a must-have on your android device and it is for free!