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Subway Surfers

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Latest Version: 1.4.2

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Kiloo Games has a new game in its pipeline and it is called "Subway Surfers". It is a jump'n'run game of the classical sort and it is very varicolored.

About "Subway Surfers"

You slip into the role of three young taggers and you spray on a wall of a train station. A policeman comes along and sees your criminal act so you have to run away from him. Your task is to run over the rails, jump or duck over obstacles and trains plus collect coins and letters. For your help there are various power-ups, such as jetpacks or hoverboards.

My opinion

I think this game is really cool due to the funny idea behind the game and the lovely presentation. Three protagonists with different characters make this game so much fun to play and I barely could stop. The background music is for me the main advantage because this game has in the menue a jazz tune and while you're playing a catchy funky theme, so you are always in a good mood. To put is short I recommend "Subway Surfers" for all casual and jump'n'run lovers, that want to play a game in an unusual setting!