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Car Conductor: Traffic Control

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Latest Version: 1.1.0

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"Car Conductor: Traffic Control" is a casual/driving game, developed by DroidHen-Casual. This mobile game company created other cool games such as "City Jump" and "Forest Runner".

About "Car Conductor: Traffic Control"

The idea behind this game is very easy to understand: There are two roads and each has two lines at the beginning. Cars are driving with a number in front and you have to conduct them into the correct line. In order to do that, just swipe the car from one side to the other, to avoid rear-end collisions you can tap on a car and it will stop, tap it again and it drives on again.

My opinion

"Car Conductor: Traffic Control" is a lovely made casual game with a fresh setting. The graphics are bright and colorful and the controls are intuitive. Besides that, this game has a lot to show, such as six themes and two game modes. To sum it up I can say that "Car Conductor" is worth the try and it is also for free!