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Price: US$4.99
Size: 1.86 MB

Downloads: 10,000-50,000
Latest Version: 1.3.2

Reviews: 0
Ratings: 999

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This multi-nominated multiplayer strategy game is now available for Android and will keep you and your friends entertained for ages!

This mixture of Advance Wars and StarCraft gives each player turns to create an army and fight against one another. Take advantage of the terrain and use the abilities of your troops wisely. Play several games at a time and climb the ranks to that number 1 spot, and rule all!

* Have human, alien or monster troops. Each type has 8 different units.
* More than 50 maps.
* Play with up to 8 gamers.
* Participate in up to 20 games at the same time.
* Team play enables 2 vs. 2, 3 vs. 3, and 4 vs. 4.
* 21 mission long campaign mode.
* Play modes: you vs. the phone, you vs. a friend (using the same phone), campaign mode, and multiplayer online.
* Worldwide Global Ladder.
* Create multiple games.
* Receive an e-mail when it's your turn.
* In-game chat.
* Server main chat room.
* Choose rated/unrated game.
* Game settings include fog of war and online bots.
* Cross-platform game. Your friends don't need the same model phone in order to play together.

* New matching system for random games: you'll be linked to an opponent of a similar skill level.