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Downloads: >250,000
Latest Version: 1.0.0

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The next big part of the Zenonia-Franchise is available in the Google Play Store. The US-american / Korean developers from GAMEVIL evolved the sequel and made a very good job!

About "Zenonia 5"

In ancient times there was a big war between good and evil to secure peace and harmony. With the time egoism and cupidity arouse among the human race: the rich people rips the poor ones off, darkness covers the kingdom. Now the time has come for a true hero to become the savior of the land.

My opinion

"Zenonia 5" is a masterpiece of Asian RPG. I love RPGs like "Final Fantasy" or "Dragon Quest" and this one belongs to my top 5 list of my favourite role playing games. The cute and detailed graphic style, the professional background music as the the massive scope with more than ten hours of gaming fun are incredible. The level-up system is pretty complex, which means you can customize or enhance your hero just the way you want it. Plus, the developers added a worldwide multiplayer PvP mode, which guarantees nonstop-action.
I can recommend "Zenonia 5" to all RPG lovers, who want a deep story, cute graphics and massively enhanced controls!