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Zombie Evil

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Size: 23.50 MB

Downloads: >250,000
Latest Version: 1.05

Reviews: 5
Ratings: 16110

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Be one of the last survivors of the zombie apocalypse in this nonstop shooter "Zombie Evil" by FT Games. Defend your little fort from the approaching zombies, by shooting tons of bullets due to a variety of guns and an endless amount of ammunition.

About "Zombie Evil"

An insane scientist called Dr.Evil, tries to run over the world with his army of zombies and it is up to you, to stop them. Use 14 different firearms to shoot incoming and differing Zombie hordes from your steady spot while aiming in a 180° angle. Load and use special skills to hit more zombies at once. Buy more weapons and upgrade them to become even more lethal for the already dead.

My Opinion

"Zombie Evil" satisfies your need to kill zombies, allways challenging you with bigger hordes and stronger undead creatures. The controls are intuitive and make you capable of keeping track on the whole level flooded by zombies from every direction. For all those, wanting to prepare for a zombie invasion, "Zombie Evil" is the right practice to defend your fort.