Idea Fabrik and iLogos join forces


Idea Fabrik, the company behind the technologies HeroEngine and HeroCloud, and iLogos, who do game development and drawing up graphics, have announced that they joined forces. High quality 3D objects and graphics and their seamless integration into games are being developed in collaboration. This should reduce time and money expenditures as well as reducing the effort put in by developers. All of this is going to be available to developers across every genre of games.

HeroEngine is being used for 3D multiplayer game development by AAA gaming companies (like  BioWare for example) and HeroCloud brings those services online for smaller and independent online game developing studios. It also gets you access to all necessary tools for administering and controlling an online game. This includes data transfer as well as hosting for every game made in HeroEngine.

Because of the huge success of their technologies and the impressive experience of iLogo, only the best can be expected by this merging. The strategical partnership should help licencees to get games with better graphics out faster. iLogo will play an important role in the developing of an asset store for HeroCloud.

Sources: Press Release


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