Jungle Jumper Jumps Onto The Google Play Store


Lonely Giant Games, a developing team from Ireland, has just released their new game “Jungle Jumper” in the Google Play Store. It is an action arcade game with great animations and well-done graphics. The story of the game is simple: the players have to climb up on a climbing plant as high as they can. You slip into the role of the little mouse Jorvis to explore the jungle. Players will meet some dangerous objects on their way up like dodging snakes, chameleons, spiders and bats, but not all animals are bad because the users are able to jump on some spiders and let them carry the little mouse Jorvis. The difficulty level and the speed of the game continuously increases when the players get higher and higher. Also, the players are able to share their score on the online top-list to see how good their skills are in comparison to others. If you are interested in “Jungle Jumper” you can download this game here!

Source: Lonely Giant Games


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