MIBO Arcade – New Oldschool Game


A new independent game developer, Lucas Strzelczyk, send us his first game “MIBO Arcade”, which is now available in the Google Play Store. “MIBO Arcade” is an arcade game and has an old school theme. It was styled on PixelArt and Chiptune themes and uses the great sound of “Binärpilot”. Additionally it steers by hardware accelerometer and rumbles by vibration.

The target of this game is to take care of the MIBO’s so that they do not crash with explosive rockets and fall down into space. Also, you have to kill the final bosses in nerve-racking battles. The players have to beat six levels and three bosses until they win the game. This game looks simple, but we think it is more exciting than it looks. That’s why we’re about to review this game. 🙂 Anyway, if you can’t wait for our review you can download this game here and evaluate it for yourself.

Source: Lukas Strzelczyk


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