How Mobile Became the Perfect Platform for Gaming and Gambling


Mobile Perfect Platform

Advances in technology have changed the way we do things in many areas of our lives including communication, services, and entertainment. One industry that has benefited hugely from the proliferation of devices such as smartphones and tablets is gaming, with every mobile owner a potential gamer. A number of factors have contributed to this, including easier access to powerful computing capacity as well as the portability of mobile devices. There are many other factors and in this post we will look at how they have helped to make mobile the perfect platform for gaming and gambling.

Mobile Games and the Perfect Digital Storm
The digital boom has created a perfect storm that has resulted in mobile devices becoming the best place for people to enjoy their favourite gambling and video games. As mentioned above, the first factor is how sophisticated the hardware in our pockets has become allowing for ever more realistic-looking and immersive games. In addition to amazing graphics, game providers such as Playtech slots also ensure that their content is mobile compatible. This means that games are designed to fit the various screen sizes used by players to give them the best experience possible.

Besides more immersive and engaging experiences other factors that help to make mobile a great platform for video games and gambling are portability and lower costs. Mobiles give their owners easy access to online services and faster internet speeds mean that content can be easily consumed as well. Portability helps promote gaming in that games are a popular way to pass the time, be it at home, or while commuting. As a result, every mobile owner is a at the very least, a potential casual gamer and this in turn has encouraged developers to focus on the platform even more.

The rise of social and Casual Gaming
Modern video games console are now connected to the internet and make sharing experiences with friends and like-minded gamers easier. However mobile phones have even more of an advantage as many social services are in-built and designed with a mobile-first approach. This means that mobiles come pre-loaded with social features that allow for easy sharing of experiences as well as building and connecting communities around shared interests.

The above mentioned factors show that the emergence of mobile as the go-to platform for gaming and gambling is no coincidence, and the rise in the popularity of gaming is clear evidence of this. Whether it is just a quick game of Fruit ninja, casino slots games, or spending hours engrossed in a game like PokemonGo it’s all possible on mobile without the major investment in resources required by consoles. The size of the potential audience for games developers and the growing appetite for mobile gaming content has also seen publishers of all types focus their efforts on creating content for mobile.

Nowadays even AAA console games will have pared down versions available as mobile apps, while many companies have done well by focusing solely on the platform and through their games achieving mainstream appeal. Given that mobile has been the fastest growing sector in the gaming industry and the fact that smartphone and tablet use is not slowing any time soon, the trend of mobile being the perfect platform for gaming and gambling is set to continue for the foreseeable future.


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