Mobile Use fuels Internet user Growth as E-sports and Gambling Look to Capitalise


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The majority of mobile phones users across the world are more than likely to own a smartphone and the widespread use of these devices has helped the growth of internet users in recent years. In addition to always-connected smartphones, other mobile devices such as tablets are also common such that the number of online surfers is expected to continue going up exponentially.

With the growth in user numbers has come the potential for businesses and service providers to make the most of this growing pool of potential customers.

Sectors such E-Sports and online gambling are looking to capitalise on the ability to reach a wider audience through mobile and in this post we take a closer look at how the industry is evolving.

The Growth of Internet Connectivity and Use

A good place to start is with the rise in the number of people coming online in recent years. The ubiquity of smartphones and tablets means that millions more people now have access to the internet than ever before.

As mobile technology has spread with the fall in costs of devices and the improvement of connectivity an increased number of people now use smartphones as their main way to access the internet. This has been a boon for online casino sites such as and e-sports providers that want to reach the young demographic that uses them.

In fact, for some it is their first interaction with the online world and as more people come online, internet service provider will continue to have an increased number of potential users and customers.

E-Sports and Gambling Utilise Mobile to their Advantage

One of the biggest benefits to the internet is that it levelled the playing field for established businesses and entrepreneurs alike, making it easier for service providers to reach their target audiences.

As mentioned above, two industries that are looking to use mobile technology to their advantage are E-Sports and online gambling. The gambling industry has always been an early adopter of new technologies in order to further its reach while the e-sports sector is one that has come to prominence during the smartphone revolution.

The reason why internet-connected mobile devices have come to be the perfect platform for industries such as gambling and E-sports is because they give users instant access to the internet. With the rise in internet use has come the growth of online gambling and watching, streaming and betting on electronic sports such as video gaming and contests.

The ease of access to content that mobile users are looking for and the dedication of providers to present their games and footage in the best way possible for every platform means that the trend of increasing user numbers is set to continue for the foreseeable future.

From the above it is clear to see that the increased adoption and use of mobile devices has also fuelled the growth in the number of internet users. That in turn has seen operators of services such as competitive gaming, E-sports and gambling games sites and those that follow those interests benefit from better connectivity, variety and choice.


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