“My Little Pony” And “Littlest Pet Shop” Mobile Games Annonced


The beautiful toys from “My Little Pony” and “Littlest Pet Shop” by Hasbro will get their own mobile games for Android. Gameloft just announced, that they will develop and publish the games for “Hasbro’s powerhouse girls’ brands”. The release date is not completely clear yet, but it is said they will come “before the end of the year”.

“MyLittle Pony” and “Littlest Pet Shop”  are two trademarks for cute desigend toys for girls that you can collect, dress and style. There is also a cartoon series, several games and other fan stuff available for each of these toy brands.

Are you looking forward to get the ponys and pets on your device or do you have a little sister that would appreciate such a gift? Stay tuned!


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