Mystery Manor – A New Hidden Objects Game


There are a lot of great games, like “Rule the Kingdom“, “Airport City”, “My Country” or “Crime Story” in the portfolio of Game Insight International. The hidden objects game “Mystery Manor” now gets to the squad.

Can you solve the puzzles that are linked to this mysterious mansion after master Mister X disappeared to nowhere? There’s a message that he left, but will it help you much? Find the hidden objects and meet with “strange but lovely people, spooky monsters and scary ghosts” to reveal some of the secrets of this house.

There is a feature, that could be really frightening to some of you: It’s a never ending story and you will never know all secrets of “Mystery Manor”, as Game Insight International promises us to bring updates with new quests, rooms and characters regulary.

If that sounds good to you, solve the mystery of getting the game on your device. OK, wait! I’ll give you a clue, where to find it: Gooooogle Plaaayy wohooohooohooo! Did I mention it’s for free?


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