“OGame” For Android?


The very famous and successful browser game “OGame”, developed by Gameforge, gets a little brother – an iOS-App for the iPad for free. The German game development company  celebrates its 10th birthday and this is a good occasion to release the iPad-App of “OGame” – but what about Android?

This browsergame is a MMOG and plays in the space, where you can trade and carry to end resources on foreign planets. The smartphone version is adapted for it with various features and functions, for example the galaxy view and the armada view. Beyond that, different buttons and selection menues are aligned to secure an intuitive and easy gameplay while you’re on the run.

Recently there had been rumors around “OGame” if it is available on Android but until now we don’t have any news about that on the official side from Gameforge. This means we have to be patient, but if you can’t wait for it, then you can download an Android app from an independent developer who calls himself “ov3rk1ll”. He is updating his OGame client app regularly and it is based on open source, which means that everybody can contribute something to the developing process. You can see his homepage with the download here.

Source: Indigo Pearl Newsletter, ov3rk1ll.


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