Polarbit and First Star Software team up!


Mitri Wiberg, CEO from Polarbit, yesterday announced a beginning cooperation between Polarbit and First Star Software, Inc. to distribute
Boulder Dash®-The Collection™ on the Android Market and other Android channels on a world wide basis.

Developed by InstantCom, Ltd. for Android, Boulder Dash®-The Collection™ is a fast- paced action/puzzle game challenging the player to make their way through a series of caves, filled to the brim with boulders just waiting to fall, sneaky enemies, deadly traps and helpful tools. Players will need all their cunning and dexterity to collect enough diamonds to open exits and find their way out of the caves. Loyal readers among you already know the game from our Boulder Dash Review.

With over 250 cave permutations available players can buy Boulder Dash®-The Collection™, Complete Set as a single download containing all five cave packs for USD $3.99; or, they can select Boulder Dash®-The Collection™ Pick Your Pack for USD $0.99 with each additional cave pack then sold for USD $0.99 as an in-app purchase.


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