Quick Android Game Review: Alien Devastation


Always wanted to erase all life in the univerese? Congratulations, you find the right game for you. In “Alien Devastation” you fly from planet to planet with a colony of alien-UFOs and kill every living bug to nip all life in the bud. This game by “synchdroid” features some power-hungry aliens and a lot of different enemy types. On Google Play the game has an average rating of 4,5 out of 13 rates, so now I’m curious…

The game features 10 planets in each world to devastate and 4 different types of attack. After completing a level you can choose out of some upgrades to improve your attacks. All in all it works quite simple, there are some bugs creeping over the planet and you have to distribute your different UFOS in the sky and wait till they hit the bugs. There are changing backgrounds in every level and reaching higher levels also the difficulty increases and you can discover a  huge variety of different bug-types, which all look kind of cute.

But to be honest…I hope to get a fun-upgrade completing the next level, because in this game nearly nothing exciting happens. The graphic and the sounds are as simple as possible. We have a totally static background, which looks like it was edited in Paint, some rare sounds and no music. There are some simple laser and exploding effects, but as a whole the game looks just cheap. It’s supposed to be the ambitious part to place the different UFOs on a strategic position, but as it is almost impossible to estimate their attacks (except for Kamikaze UFO, my favorite^^) it’s just a matter of luck. I mostly aimlessly placed as much UFOs as possible and watched how they were doing. After completing a level I even had a touch of excitement, if I were lucky.

To summarize, “Alien Devastation” is certainly not a complex or a skillful game. There is a package of different levels and upgrades, but I assume the game can’t captivate you enough to play it this far. Maybe as the levels get more difficult it gets somehow addictive, but in a strange and annoying way. At least it’s for free so give it a shot and see for yourself.


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