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Sometimes it is hard to find a fitting category for a game. Especially if it mixes up elements of different genres. On first sight “aliEnd” from GunPile Games seems to be a simple physics based puzzle, where you have guess the rigth moment to hit your enemy, but it is combined with elements of a skill game and bits of a jump and run. Moreover this game made me think of “Smashing Planets“, that we have recently reviewed as the space theme seems to be quite popular at the moment.

The story of this game is quickly told. You play as a bot that has landed on a planet. You’re armed with a rocket launcher, which you need in order to shoot the aliens living on the planet. So let’s see what this game has got to offer.

The graphcis of this game are in a rather simple comic style as you see the endless widths of the universe with some stars in the background and the planet in the foreground which will change as you reach a higher level. The music of the menue is quite good and futuristic with hard basses, spheric sounds and a drum and bass rhythm. The in-game music is reminding me on Latin American music that went cosmic. All in all the sounds fit the actions and the theme of the game well.

However, there are a few things that might limit the fun you will have. The developers tried to get everything out of the possibilties of modern mobile devices with a touch screen and motion sensor. But tilting to accelerate into two directions, tapping to jump under the force of gravity and dragging the rockets to shoot at your enemies is pretty much to control -especially as you sometimes have to perform multiple actions at the same time, which causes the same difficulties we were facing in “The Chicken Bandit“. Do you remember the good old tilt labyrinths, where you have to move a ball through a wooden maze without falling into the holes? You could get the feeling of holding such a toy in your hands while trying to succeed in “aliEnd” but I’m afraid you won’t be motivated to play the game until the last level regarding the difficult controls and the lack of variety.

Concluding we have to state, that “aliEnd” is an interesting mix that gives you a new and pretty hard challenge, but the confusing controls and the yawning void strongly influence the total impression of this game. Maybe GunPile Games aimed too high and didn’t get where they wanted to get, but it’s never too late to put a project back on track.

Reviewed by Hannes Hartl.


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