Quick Android Game Review: Angry Birds


Angry Birds here, Angry Birds there, Angry Birds everywhere. Angry Birds is more than a game, it’s the symbol for mobile gaming, a modern classic, the most famous, most popular and most downloaded Android Game of all times. Angry Birds is the Snake of our decade, of our century. With 100.000.000 – 500.000.000 downloads and over 1.200.000 ratings, Angry Birds is even ten times bigger than Cut the Rope and Doodle Jump together. However, what’s behind this huge success? Savvy marketing? Peer Pressure? Or is “Angry Birds” really as magnificent as everybody thinks? Finally, the Playandroid Magazine will find it out for you.

As hipsters gonna hipst, playing Angry Birds was always too mainstream for me, but when it comes to the rating now, I totally understand why all the people love it. Angry Birds is the perfect mobile game, easy to pick up, easy to understand and ridiculously easy to control. You can play it everywhere, on the go or in the train as you don’t have to think your way into a deep story or some un-intuitive gameplay. However, where’s the difference between Angry Birds and any other game, that is easy to pick up (like Imbalanced for example)? It’s the quality. Angry Birds has got an impressive technical quality (graphics, sounds, controls) and an immense scope. In addition to that, Angry Birds is groundbreaking regarding one feature (the addicting 3-star rating system) and two genres (slingshot games and physics games).

In fact, there is only one thing, I still cannot praise in my objectivity, and that’s the atmosphere of the game. Besides the addictive gameplay and the impressive quality, Angry Birds is a little bit too articifial without being artfully, it’s maybe too clean, what it makes a little bit sterile. And in contrast to its successors Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Space, the classical Angry Birds doesn’t come along with a main topic. The game is highly trivial – this is a big plus as you can see above, but it can also be a minus somehow.

It’s said, that Rovio created the best mobile game of our time and that success proved them right. Well, as size matters, hundreds of millions downloads can’t be wrong and after reviewing it, I can also state that Angry Birds is an awesome game and deserves its success. However, Angry Birds is not perfect, because it takes more than success to be perfect, as a matter of fact success can be a stumbling block on the road to perfection as the cornerstone of commercial success is being mainstream, and the cornerstone of being mainstream is being superficial. Ask every critic: Is the most successful movie the best one? Is the best-selling album the best one? No, so why should it be different in our business?

Reviewed by Frederik Schrader.


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