Quick Android Game Review: “Blitz Jump”


It’s time for our next review and this time we are looking at a game created by Martin Edmaier called “Blitz Jump”, which might not bring us the newest game idea ;). But let’s overlook that for a moment and see how this jumping game works out for the Playandroid-Judges.

Basically “Blitz Jump” works the same as Doodle Jump but with a few different features here and there. You are a roboter-like looking “thing” jumping from platform to platform trying to get up as far as you can. On your way you have to look out for monsters and be aware of tricky platforms. The red ones will reduce your health bar and  the wooden ones will break through when you jump on them. Within the game you can also collect batteries to get a power up. Therefore you have to additionally pull a lever and see which random upgrade you get. Whatever: As you probably all know Doodle Jump, you’ll understand this game for sure. The controls work good and the game principle is simple and intuitive, but apart from that we have to talk about the style of the game…

There are some cute sounds and a nice background music in loop and also the graphics are in a quite good quality. But as a whole I was a bit confused of the “stlye”, because there’s definitely a special atmosphere missing. By no stretch of imagination I could discover a special theme of the game. We have a roboter or anything similar, batterie power-ups, grass, wooden and lava(?) platforms and on top a gambling machine? Furthermore the graphics look a bit poor as there’s just a white static background and little effects in the game.

To summarize: The game shows absolutely no sense of style or atmosphere, but the game principle was already popular before and is implemented pretty good here. We get one simple game mode without a highscore feature or anything like that, which is why I couldn’t rate the scope very high, but all in all the game works good. I substracted points at fun factor, because I would wish the gameplay to speed up a little, but I gave an extra point for atmosphere, because it’s colorful and has very cute sounds. To this end, you can give the game a shot, but make sure to download the free version first and see if it works on your device, because we had a few problems with the Samsung Galaxy Ace and the Motorola Xoom Tablet.

Reviewed by Anne Rupp.


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