Quick Android Game Review: Smashing Planets


The sun shines on Italy these days. First of all, Italy nearly won versus the favored Spanish national soccer team in the Euro 2012, then we reviewed the great game “Fastest Painter” by the Italian developer “Marco Uberti“, and now we got another promising Android Game from Repubblica Italiana on our test bench. It’s “Smashing Planets”, the winner of the Italian “Global Game Jam 2011”, from the development studio “Ad Maiora Games”.

In “Smashing Planets”, you’ve got to defend the earth against evil alien invaders trying to destroy our planet with different spaceships, mortal weapons and dangerous tactics. The only way to stop the Alien horde is to launch missiles from Earth by drawing their path through space.

I’ll make no secret of the fact that this game is totally amazing. I like the consistent comic book presentation, I totally love the hilarious sounds (squeaky dog toys, wtf?!), the incredibly catchy music (Indeed the music is so wicked, that I’m currently listening to it while writing the review. ^^)  the both easy and innovative controls (you don’t shoot the missiles, you draw their path) and the entertaining gameplay. More than that: Every feature is so well implemented, that it has a positive effect on another category. The alternative missile launch function for example increases the scope, because it enhances the opportunities for actions on the intergalactic battlefield. Every launch inheres the chance to collect power ups, to avoid power downs and to hit the flying saucers from behind.

It’s hard to find any flaws in this game, therefore my contra is confined to a humble wish: Please give us more! The music is so great, that I want to hear more than a couple of tracks in a rather short loop and the game makes so much fun, that I really wish for more levels, for more functions, for more upgrades, maybe for more game modes, but certainly for more “Smashing Planets”. Dear friends from Italy, you get permission to lay it on thick!

To sum up, “Smashing Planets” is a gorgeous game that shines in nearly every category. The game is really entertaining and full of easter eggs (OMG, I’ve seen a Nintendo Controller in space! ^^). You can download the game for less than 1€ on Google Play and we highly recommend you to do so. Take a pass on a snack or a can of coke today and spend your Euro (or your Dollar) wisely on this game. It’s worth every cent!

Reviewed by Frederik Schrader.


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