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Welcome to the next quick Android Game Review here at Playandroid.com! Today, I am going to review “Space Squad” by Thomas Nind, a 2D scrolling space shooter and the first release by this young british developer.

If you trust the game description in the Android Market, “Space Squad” is “the worlds first squad based scrolling shooter”, that comes along with “unique enemy types” but is also “still an Alpha”, why we can expect a lot of changes and improvements in the future. Well, let’s check out first, if this game is in need of that anyway.

Indeed, I’ve never played a squad based scrolling shooter before and Thomas Nind can live up to his promise of a completely new and revolutionary gameplay concept. There are a lot of (not to say a countless amount of) vertical space shooters, but I can’t remember that I’ve ever played such a game with more than one spaceship under my command. More than this: Thomas Nind fulfilled far more than just the end of a decade of lone space warriors, he equiped the squad with several advantages and combined modern multitouch controls with an innovative space squad formation system.

Time for the “but”? Not yet! In addition to the imaginative gameplay, the developer also implemented some inspiring music, more precisely some athmospheric electronic tracks by the british composer Alexander McDonald.

Time for the “but”? Okay. The game demonstrates inventiveness and taste, but the bitter taste of an early Alpha version cannot be brushed away with this. The graphics are unsightly at best, the sprites are ugly, the textures are muddy and there is no coherent style at all, which additionally corrupts the atmosphere. Beyond that, the game itself can be described as “challenging”, but you can also say it’s unfair, because of the bad learning curve and the imprecise controls.

In conclusion, “Space Squad” teems with good ideas, but needs a lot of work and polishing. This game is really promising and it could breathe new life into the dusty genre of Space Invaders and Co., but Thomas Nind has got to overwork the whole look of his game – or he needs someone, who reanimates his game as well.

Reviewed by Frederik Schrader


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