Quick Android Game Review: The Chicken Bandit


Today, I am going to review “The Chicken Bandit” by “SharkArm Studios”, a “western side-scrolling action game”, where you can “play as a lone cowboy” accompanied by his “over-sized chicken sidekick” while you “travel from land to land robbing trains and lassoing up as much loot as possible” facing an “army of robots” coming out of the “depths of the dark robot city”.

Jesus Christ! Cowboys, Chicken, Robots, and more. Can this freaky mixture pass Playandroid’s acid test? We will see!

The graphics catapults you back to the 16 bit era, to the 4th generation of video game consoles, to the golden times of our beloved Super Nintendo Entertainment System (and its unworthy competitor… how was its name? Sega Lamer Drive?). I really enjoyed this journey through time although the graphics naturally can’t compete with contemporary HD graphics. That, however, is not a big problem, because the SharkArm Brothers created a convincing and harmonious game experience. More than that: “The Chicken Bandit” is more than just a game, it’s a statement for a time, where games used to be real games: full of fun, full packed and full of love for details.

The Chicken Bandit comes along with a hilarious scenario, a coherent western style, a huge world, item shops, duels, et cetera, et cetera. This game is over its head with features, what unfortunately leads to a problem, a problem with the controls. Tilting the screen to move left/right – okay. Tapping the screen to shoot robots and windows – okay, too. Dragging the lasso to catch the loot – Well, I don’t mind. Clicking on the catched loot to pick it up – Wo, wo, wo, that’s enough. Tilting, tapping, dragging and clicking, sometimes simultaneous, always in pressure of time. I know that many actions call for many fingers, but there must be way to simplify these controls.

Overall, neither the overloaded controls nor the moldy graphics can corrupt the gaming experience or destroy the good rating for this game. I had a great time getting immersed in the good ol’ 16 bit era again and I’m quite sure that this game will captivate both retro gamers and new players. “The Chicken Bandit” costs 2,29€ in the Android Market, and I give a buying recommendation without any reservation. It’s better to spend $3 for a full-fledged game, that promises a lot of long-term fun than testing out hundreds of lame free games. Remember: Time is money, too!

Reviewed by Frederik Schrader


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