Quick Android Game Review: Where’s My Water?


After reviewing the classics “Angry Birds” and “Cut the Rope“, I think it’s time to review another bestseller, no less than “Where’s My Water?” by Disney.

“Where’s My Water?” is a physics-based puzzle game about “Swampy”, a cute and friendly alligator, who lives in the sewers under the city. Now it’s up to you to help Swampy pursuing his hobby: Bathing. Swampy obviously loves it to shower all day, why you’ve got to fix the water supply, so that your new friend won’t stay dry. Ready, steady, charge the hose line!

“Where’s my Water?” has got all ingredients for a great game: The graphics are qualitative, the comic style fits perfectly, the background music is pretty neat, the controls are super easy and the scope is simply gorgeous: “Where’s my Water?” comes along with the unbelievable amount of 200 levels, collectibles, challenges, bonus levels and much more. Seriously, this game is so big, I can’t even imagine that there’s anyone in this world, who played the whole game through. I feel kinda ashamed now, that I’ve given five scope points for so many games like DB42 without realizing what’s state of the art there. We should give 6 points in this category. ^^

When it comes to the weak points of “Where’s My Water?”, I can only complain on a high level, for example regarding the sounds. Although the soundscape is massive, the music tracks aren’t really catchy. I still have an ear worm of Bubble Shuttle, but I’m not able to whistle the background track of the last stage of  “Where’s my Water?”, that I’ve just played a few minutes ago. I also got to abstract one point from the fun factor and one point from the atmosphere, because the learning curve of “Where’s My Water?” is as tough as in “Cut the Rope” and Swampy’s canalization can’t reach the cozy cuteness of Om Nom’s Boxes.

“Where’s My Water?” is Pocketgamer’s and Phonearena’s “Game of the Year” and the average user rating on Google Play (4,8)  is one of the best ratings ever, if you consider the fact that nearly 100.000 people rated this game, so that it seems to be no miracle, that this game cannot be driven away from Google Play’s top paid apps since months and months. After reviewing this game, I can join all other previous reviews with a clear conscience: “Where’s My Water?” is a great game, that is fully packed with levels and features. Don’t listen to all the haters commenting the game by complaining about the price and the “greedy developers”. That’s total bullshit. You won’t find a game on Google Play giving you so much long-term fun for $1/0,76€. Word.

Reviewed by Frederik Schrader.


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