Review inquiries

You want to get some professional feedback and increase the download counts of your game? Then please contact our CEO Alexander Schmitt (

Playandroid Review Packages

  1. The Social Media Package contains one post on Playandroid Facebook or Fettspielen Facebook.
  2. The News Package contains one news post on Playandroid or Fettspielen.
  3. The Text Package contains  a written review, min. 400 words, published on Playandroid orFettspielen.
  4. The Video Package consists of a video review, published on Playandroid YouTube or Fettspielen YouTube.
  5. The Full Package consists of one text review and one video review (published on Playandroid [YouTube] or Fettspielen [YouTube]).
  6. The Trailer Package consists of one game trailer, that you can integrate perfectly to the Google Play Page of your Game. We’d also love to embed this trailer on our YouTube channels and spread it via social media.