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You might remember our review for “Swamp Adventure” by Frozen Logic Studios. They now have a new game out, “Robot DIR”, the story of a little robot that was activated and adopted by hedgehogs after a long time in stand by and is now out on a quest to find them again – because they were kidnapped.

Your character is, of course, the robot DIR. You steer him across platforms, you use boosters to soar into the air and avoid traps. But that is not all- a platformer needs enemies as well, and DIRs’ come in robot form like him. All of this to get your hedgehog-family out of the cages they are being kept in!

The style is cute but a bit darker which goes well with the more industrial theme. It’s really well done and instantly reminded me of “Invader Zim”.

If you want to give the game a try, it is available on Google play for free!

Source: Press release


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