Rocked Day 3D – Beta Version Launched


We have been talking about the problems asteroids can cause as we just took a look at “Sprinkle“. Now we’re getting news about a game called “Rocket Day 3D” that’s also hitting this topic.

There is a huge meteorite shower approaching the earth. Can you destroy the meteroites and save the residents of a city by using weapons like laser beams, rockets or machine guns?

Shader media launched a playable beta version of this vertical shooter just a few days ago and they are still working on more features to come:

  • Connectivity with Facebook
  • More weapons, cities and achievments
  • Playing the game with friends vie Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or on the same device
  • Autostereo 3d support (HTC Evo 3D and 3D LG) and 3D stereo output via HDMI 1.4

The developers used to work on programms simulating processes in 3D. That my be why they used a turnable 3D city model, that looks a lot like taken from Google Earth.

Now see yourself in the trailer and join the beta on Google Play.


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