Rotary – a new spin on Brick Breaker!


Everybody knows “Brick Breaker” and almost all of us have played it before. “Rotary” by Andri LW takes the idea of breaking bricks with a ball and puts a whole new twist in it. Does his idea of blending “Cut the Rope” and “Brick Breaker” work?

In “Rotary” the ball is attached to a rope and the rope is attached to a weight and to a mechanism that makes the ball swing around in circles. You can change the radius by sliding the weight up and down. This is necessary to collect three stars per level, before you break the last of the bricks. Each star gives you a bonus and if you finish your task fast enough, you get a time bonus. Pretty simple, but quite fun, too.

With this Brain Game, you get 50 levels in 2 level packs and the developer has announced new levels to be released in the future. There are 60 unlockable achievements which promise long-term motivation so you shouldn’t get bored too soon. As the whole game looks quite promising (the graphics don’t seem to be too special, but they aren’t shabby, either), you should give it a try, it is out on Google play.

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